Odist Abettor


Pennsylvania-based singer/songwriter Odist Abettor first stepped onto the scene with his 2011 debut EP, Cognitive Dissonance: The Hardscuffle Sessions. After releasing several singles, his next big project was 2014's self-produced, full-length album, Hazard Lights.

Having lived and performed across New England, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, he continues to write and record new, original music, including recent singles Painkiller, To Say Goodnight, Same Things, and Dead End Drive, which he recorded with producer Joe Casey in Nashville.

He currently hosts the West Grove Open Mic Night at the Garage Community Center in West Grove, PA.

Inspired by great songwriters like Damien Rice, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Glen Hansard, and Tracy Chapman as well as groups like the Roots, Dispatch, and Rise Against, Odist offers an eclectic, acoustic-driven sound with the heart and passionate energy to turn heads and fill a room even as a solo performer.

Though most of his songwriting and performing has been an individual effort, Odist believes the best artistic projects are most often collaborative. Whether it be in writing, in the studio, or on the stage, he’s made his best work with others’ help, encouragement, support, and looks forward to bringing more great folks together in the future.

After all, music is for everyone.