Odist Abettor

No one ever made a difference if they never made a change.

Massachusetts-based singer/songwriter Odist Abettor first stepped onto the scene with his 2011 debut EP, Cognitive Dissonance: The Hardscuffle Sessions, after attending the Contemporary Music Center in Brentwood, TN. Besides several singles, his next big project was 2014's self-produced full-length album, Hazard Lights.

After living in Tennessee and Pennsylvania, Odist has returned to New England with a reinvigorated creative drive and a passion for even better music and lyrics. The poetic, personal, and socio-political find a groovy, acoustic-driven folk rock home in his original and energetic recordings and captivating on-stage performances.


Having been compared to such inspirations as Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, Twenty-One Pilots, and Chadwick Stokes, Odist Abettor continues to blend an invigorating scope of styles while staying grounded in hopeful, introspective, and challenging lyrics. 

Currently, Odist is writing new music and performing in the Greater Boston Area. Look out for updates as he works with Nashville-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Casey on a brand new EP coming soon.